• Exceptional journeys, exceptional results
  • Unlocking the genius of your team
  • The ideal climate for transformation
  • Going the distance
  • Inspiring peak performance in your organization

Leadership Development

Leadership should be present everywhere in your company, and not just come from the highest echelons or from those with 'manager' on their business cards. At all levels of your organization people ought to take initiative, be accountable and support others to better contribute to your company's goals. 




500,000 MEALS

You can't just talk a strategy into results

Destination: Strategy Implementation

There it is; your new strategy. You, your team and a number of consultants have carried out the analysis, brainstormed, agreed on the direction, defined the objectives, set the targets, brought everything together into a cohesive story and communicated it to the organization. Time and money spent are significant

Unfortunately, little seems to be happening...

From 'forced together' to 'team genius'

Destination: Mergers & Acquisitions

We've all seen it. That vibe of invincibility that emanates from a winning sports team. Or the mind-boggling results a group of people can achieve when they really put their heads and hearts together. 

How different things can be after an acquisition, with merged business units.  Even though the reasons for intense cooperation may be clear and the advantages obvious, you still see people working as if they were on islands.

Your people can do much more than they think they can

Destination: Talent Development

A simple question that some need more than a lifetime to answer. People naturally want to learn, improve, expand their capabilities and apply their full range of talents.

Meanwhile organizations strive to develop their personnel so they can better cope with changing circumstances and future challenges.

All these requirements can be met through talent development.

Kick-start your business turn-around

Destination: Business Revival

When your company's experiencing a downturn, it can seem like the worst possible time to implement necessary transformation.

Morale is low. Employees are more concerned with their immediate future than embracing a new direction. Expenditure comes under greater scrutiny and budgets are squeezed.

Here's the good news; it's actually an ideal moment.