About amaseu

“In 20 years of doing journeys, we have discovered that the only way to achieve profound results is to literally go the distance.“
Erik-Jan de Rooij

What we do

amaseu helps you create a climate in which your people are challenged to give the best of themselves. We do so by taking them on exceptional journeys. 

On the move and out of reference is where they discover their true capacity, the team genius and how they can contribute to growing your company. This equips them to rise to any challenge.

And don’t just take our word for it; read what our clients have to say.

How we do it

We enable people to go the distance. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. That means travelling wide and far. To places that amaze, inspire and create a sense of complete detachment from everything except yourself. Where there are no distractions, no easy ways out, no hiding places. Only there can we really focus on authenticity and help people become conscious of who they are and what they can do.

You can do more than you think

This proven methodology builds on 20 year' experience an is based around the holistic flow and our design principles. Everything we do is also rooted in our belief that people can do more than they think, and that business transformation is only possible through personal transformation. We place great emphasis on leadership as well; effective leaders drive change and make a difference, and are required throughout your organization.

Who we are

amaseu was founded by Erik-Jan de Rooij in 1996.  Since then we have delivered over 2,000 journeys for clients like Unilever, WorldPay, Rabobank, NXP, Sarah Lee/DE, ABN Amro and Allen Overy. We offer journeys in 33 exceptional destinations across the globe, made possible by our amazing operations, so your people can discover how to reach peak performance. We also strive to develop conscious and meaningful organizations that make a positive contribution to society and their environment.

Compact core, extensive network.

amaseu consist of a small core team specialized in transformation, business improvement and logistics. This is complemented by an extensive network of local specialists and suppliers, who all work according to the amaseu guiding principles: respect & trust; individual responsibility; natural and accelerated growth; courage + understanding and synchronicity.