Erik-Jan de Rooij



Erik-Jan was born in the Netherlands. After obtaining his Bachelor of Economics he visited the remotest corners of South-East Asia, immersing himself in different cultures and delighting in the purity, simplicity and thrill of entering the unknown.

A hunger to understand this more deeply drove him to become a Master of Business Anthropology at the VU in Amsterdam. During an expedition to the Yanomami Indians in the Amazon he examined anthropological theories in depth.

Erik-Jan also gained a wealth of practical experience in group processes and personal development as a field hockey goalkeeper for his club and the Dutch national team.

  • Wieke Janssen

    "Doing the right things, in the right way causes a natural flow of energy."
  • Paul Konijnendijk

    "My role gives me the unique opportunity to support and guide leaders to ‘go the distance’, while steering the amaseu team towards peak performance."
  • Sandra Buncic

    Journey Leader
    “Being able to influence present and future leaders while discovering new countries and cultures is a dream come true.”
  • Ingmar de Loor

    Journey Leader
    “One of the great joys of being on a journey is seeing people discover they are capable of far more than they realized. It's an amazing gift.”