Ingmar de Loor

Journey Leader

Ingmar was born in Amsterdam in 1972. He grew up in a small town in the countryside but returned to the city to study physiotherapy and physical education. At the same time he became involved in training and coaching top field hockey teams at both junior and senior level. This gave him a tremendous insight into group dynamics and the ingredients necessary for successful team performance.

In May 2000 Ingmar joined amaseu in a process support role. Since then he has grown, developed and expanded his capabilities, to the point where he has led over 50 journeys.

There are many aspects of a journey that fascinate Ingmar. Never knowing where you’re going next. Being removed from your regular routine. Immersing yourself in stunning nature. He’s witnessed first-hand how all of this contributes to stimulating the body and mind on many different levels.

  • Erik-Jan de Rooij

    “I established amaseu in 1996 because I wanted to help people and companies discover and realize their true potential”
  • Wieke Janssen

    "Doing the right things, in the right way causes a natural flow of energy."
  • Paul Konijnendijk

    "My role gives me the unique opportunity to support and guide leaders to ‘go the distance’, while steering the amaseu team towards peak performance."
  • Sandra Buncic

    Journey Leader
    “Being able to influence present and future leaders while discovering new countries and cultures is a dream come true.”