Sandra Buncic

Journey Leader


Sandra was born in Croatia, which was then still part of Yugoslavia. She often relates to her life as having two distinct phases; before and after the war. As a young girl she enjoyed what she describes as “a fairytale childhood." She grew up very close to nature and animals in an idyllic setting.

Aged 10, she got caught up in a civil war that strongly influenced her views and shaped her dislike of power-driven political and economic structures. She is opposed to any form of violence and a dedicated advocate of community as well as equality among all creatures.

She developed a strong desire to travel and see the world. After finishing her economics and tourism management studies in Zagreb, she went in search of inspiration.

Her first experience of an amaseu journey was in 2004, as a member of the local Croatian support team. Sandra instantly fell in love with amaseu and the way in which journeys brought change to people. She soon became a permanent part of the amaseu team.

  • Erik-Jan de Rooij

    “I established amaseu in 1996 because I wanted to help people and companies discover and realize their true potential”
  • Wieke Janssen

    "Doing the right things, in the right way causes a natural flow of energy."
  • Paul Konijnendijk

    "My role gives me the unique opportunity to support and guide leaders to ‘go the distance’, while steering the amaseu team towards peak performance."
  • Ingmar de Loor

    Journey Leader
    “One of the great joys of being on a journey is seeing people discover they are capable of far more than they realized. It's an amazing gift.”