• Erik-Jan de Rooij

    Into the heart...

    He is a true optimist; and with reason. Erik-Jan has already made many, many companies - including some of the largest multinationals - become more aware of their ability to develop and grow.

    Erik-Jan designs and owns the entire journey process. He makes a point of challenging the limiting, stifling and impersonal cultures which unfortunately characterize an ever-growing number of organizations.

    During a journey his stated aim is to do ‘as little as possible’. Instead, he prefers to let leaders lead and inspire their people while his own team takes care of the amazing operations. But whenever required he guides and advises, facilitates if unexpected difficulties arise, and in general keeps his finger on the pulse so the journey is as smooth, challenging, enlightening and memorable as can be.

  • Wieke Janssen

    "Doing the right things, in the right way causes a natural flow of energy."
  • Paul Konijnendijk

    "My role gives me the unique opportunity to support and guide leaders to ‘go the distance’, while steering the amaseu team towards peak performance."
  • Sandra Buncic

    Journey Leader
    “Being able to influence present and future leaders while discovering new countries and cultures is a dream come true.”
  • Ingmar de Loor

    Journey Leader
    “One of the great joys of being on a journey is seeing people discover they are capable of far more than they realized. It's an amazing gift.”