• Paul Konijnendijk

    Experience the unknown

    Throughout his career, Paul has been involved in helping people and businesses to grow. amaseu gives Paul the unique opportunity to support and guide different leaders to ‘go the distance’ while helping steer the amaseu team and organization towards peak performance.

    With his background in both consulting and general management, he is the ideal change manager to lead and support companies when new ideas and behavior are required to make the next step. He balances thinking and doing, working and relaxing, people and profit.

    Traveling the world with his family shaped a lot of what Paul is doing today. The trip took them from bustling cities like Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Los Angeles to the almost-deserted beaches of Fiji and the stunning natural wonders of New Zealand. During these unforgettable six months he truly experienced the power of the unknown.

  • Erik-Jan de Rooij

    “I established amaseu in 1996 because I wanted to help people and companies discover and realize their true potential”
  • Wieke Janssen

    "Doing the right things, in the right way causes a natural flow of energy."
  • Sandra Buncic

    Journey Leader
    “Being able to influence present and future leaders while discovering new countries and cultures is a dream come true.”
  • Ingmar de Loor

    Journey Leader
    “One of the great joys of being on a journey is seeing people discover they are capable of far more than they realized. It's an amazing gift.”