Future Leaders

“To lead in the future a company needs to develop its future leaders.“
Anthony Brugmans

Building your future requires a constant flux of people that can lead the way.

Developing emerging talent?

Every company wants to have a constant flow of capable people moving up through the organization to the top positions. The question is; how can you best develop this emerging talent? So that your most promising employees are fully engaged, embrace your strategy and direction, commit themselves to your company and evolve with it?

There are many approaches. Fast-track programs, encouraging and sponsoring MBAs, cross-department initiatives to broaden experience…

And then there are journeys.

Addressing the fundamental question

What makes journeys so special is that they are holistic. During a journey your high potentials are

given the time, space and motivation to address the most fundamental question of all; who am I? Building on this, they go on to define their personal leadership vision and then sharpen it through intense and open dialogue. This is where the transformation from manager into future leader of your company begins.

Crucially, journey participants are able to recognize their true capabilities in a safe and inspirational environment, far from the daily grind and all the associated distractions.

View of the talent pool

At the same time, you develop a much clearer picture of who is capable of what, and of which issues and individuals require extra attention. You get a uniquely revealing view of your talent pool. And as an added bonus, the networking - among the high potentials and also between them and you - is profound because it occurs to a backdrop of shared experience.

So we don’t take a classical business school approach, and we don’t teach the basics of marketing to complement someone’s financial skills either. Instead, we have a very human attitude towards your brightest talent, offering them the opportunity of discovering how to be all they can be, both personally and professionally.

Wonderful gift

A journey is a wonderful gift - an unforgettable, potentially life-altering one - to offer people relatively early in their career. They will reward your commitment and faith in them, over and over again, in the months and years to come.

     “I’ve never seen such a sense of togetherness in any group within an organization I’ve been part of - truly inspiring.” Damon, participant on high-potential journey