Aligned with Private Equity

“'To build a great company, you should send your leaders on a journey'“
Frank d'Hollander, Bain Capital

Energizing and empowering employees in line with the strategy.


Initiative at all levels

Each step of this multi-year program is carefully scripted and defined so a company’s leaders have a clear blueprint from which to work. Through 352 Transformation it becomes possible to activate peak performance in every corner of an organization. 

There are two main components: 

  1. Accelerating cultural and behavioral development through exceptional journeys. These allow people to connect with themselves, each other and the desired company culture. 



They learn to tap into the genius of the team and discover how they can help transform and grow their organization.

2.  In addition, our results guidance mobilizes and inspires everyone within the company to implement the new behavior on an ongoing basis.


- Stimulates peak performance throughout an entire organization.

- Drives lasting transformation that is cultivated and deeply embedded over time.

- Delivers proven, sustainable results.


  • - Is unorthodox, uncompromising, unforgettable -  it’s a truly unique way of helping your companies fulfill their potential.
  • - Has been specifically developed for private equity.


Are you ready to unleash the potential of people, teams and entire organizations?

We have completely outperformed, out-strategized and out-executed our competition. You can’t just attribute this to the journey, but it definitely was a turning point. A journey is a great way of injecting clarity, focus, creating energy around an attractive vision and driving content.’ - Rudy Stroh, NXP