Business Revival

“You can work on transformation one by one, team by team, but that isn't fast enough. “
Tex Gunning

Kick-start your business turn-around

A downturn is an ideal moment

When your company's experiencing a downturn, it can seem like the worst possible time to implement necessary transformation.

Morale is low. Employees are more concerned with their immediate future than embracing a new direction. Expenditure comes under greater scrutiny and budgets are squeezed.

Here's the good news; it's actually an ideal moment.

Proven development methodology

In fact, over the years many companies have discovered how amaseu can help revive their flagging fortunes. That's because our organizational development methodology, based around journeys, is completely in tune with the process required to revitalize a company.

Preparing your people for change

For example, during a journey the participants - typically the movers and shakers in your organization -learn about being open, honest and transparent, and become more receptive to change.

A journey is also the perfect environment in which to spread the word on the new direction your company has to take. Being away from the familiar office surroundings - and all the distractions that come with it - gives you the space and time to communicate the urgent need for, and the advantages of, fundamental transformation.

Enabling behavioral metamorphosis

Most importantly, you set the stage for behavioral metamorphosis. So you don’t tell people what to do; they discover themselves the most effective way of progressing. They discuss, share and learn from each other in a truly memorable and enduring way. They take huge strides forward in a matter of days.

"[A journey] creates an environment that is inspirational, where it is safe to try things, where you can start to inquire."  Tex Gunning

Ambassadors of change

Awareness, personal responsibility, impact; all this - and more - is addressed during amaseu journeys. You can take a group (50-250 people is a pretty typical range) and radically transform the way they lead and act. They'll hit the ground running as soon as they get back. And they become ambassadors of change, spreading the word throughout your organization and setting an example that inspires others to follow.

Embedding the new culture

In that respect, a first journey kick-starts the process of revitalizing your business. Subsequent journeys support the process at critical moments while helping embed the new culture even deeper and amplifying its effect.