A conscious and meaningful organization

“The world desperately needs more people with moral courage, willing to make our planet more habitable and more humane“
Dalai Lama

No meaning, no future

When companies and brands fail, it’s almost always because they are no longer relevant. It’s logical really; if you lose your meaning, why should people be interested in what you offer? You need a purpose. Continuing without one is ultimately a waste of money, time, effort, resources and human commitment.


Consciousness, on the other hand, is often difficult to quantify. So let’s put it another way; is it preferable to be unconscious? To pursue a blind obsession with maximizing shareholder value, regardless of the cost in terms of employee welfare, the impact on local communities or environmental degradation?

The real question is therefore; how conscious and meaningful do you dare to be? Are you willing to take the responsibility for the impact you have on everyone who is touched by your company?


A conscious and meaningful organization has a purpose that goes far beyond the generation of profit, which is not an end in itself but merely a tool for funding other activities. The enlightened organization strives to improve people’s life experiences. It is actively aware of its footprint. It nurtures and develops the potential of its people. It values its wider role in society. It aims to do business in a sustainable and responsible way.

These are all aspects that can be addressed during our journeys. We also provide the space, time and inspiration for management teams who wish to refine, revitalize or renew the consciousness and meaning components of their strategy.


Being conscious without being meaningful is wasteful. Being meaningful without being conscious is generally an accident. It’s the combination that’s powerful. You create meaningful propositions for the market when you’re conscious of what you want to do and how you want to do it. That’s what we help you realize.