Destination Unknown

“To boldly go where no one has gone before“
James T. Kirk

To discover yourself you must first, in the spirit of James T Kirk and the Starship Enterprise 'boldly go where you haven't gone before.'


As a participant on an amaseu journey you’ll do exactly that. We won’t give you much information beforehand. You‘ll know the starting location and when you will be back, but that’s about it. Don’t expect a day-by-day itinerary or even a rough outline. And once the journey has started the story is the same; even the arrival times at the next destination and the tasks you will be asked to complete are a closely-guarded secret.


Maybe you won't like what happens, although it’s more likely that you'll love it. Maybe it will have minimum impact on you, and on the other hand it could change your life irrevocably. You simply don't know.


That's what travelling into the unknown is all about. It inspires you to surrender yourself to the process, to trust those who have organized it as well as your fellow participants. Don’t swim against the current; learn to go with the flow. In doing so you become open and receptive, which is a vital precondition for personal growth. When you have no expectations you can’t be disappointed. If you don’t know what’s

coming next you don’t waste energy and time thinking about it. You become completely focused on the here and now.

Thrive in the unknown

This is a crucial aspect of being a successful leader. You need to feel comfortable in the unknown. That way you can explore without judgment, discover new ways of working, achieve greater clarity in each and every moment, take decisions in uncertain situations, out-think the competition.


Delight in sailing into uncharted waters. The only requirement is that you are willing to embrace change. The rest will follow...