Drive Peak Performance

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How can you drive peak performance?

The amaseu development philosophy

Our journeys promote peak performance because of two ingredients specifically designed to provide an unforgettable, lasting and profound learning experience. The first is the holistic flow. The second is a set of qualities listed below which, together, define our development philosophy. 

THE UNKNOWN. If you're going to discover yourself you must first, to paraphrase James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, ‘boldly go where you haven't gone before.’ 

Journeying into the unknown means having little or no information on where you're going, what you'll be asked to do, or who you'll be asked to do it with. Maybe you won't like what happens, maybe you'll love it. Maybe it will have minimum impact on you, or maybe it will change your life irrevocably. You simply don't know. 

And that's the point. You have to surrender yourself to the process, to trust those who have organized it as well as your fellow participants. In this way you become open and receptive, which is vital for your personal growth. Delight in sailing into uncharted waters. All you have to do is be willing. The rest will follow...


You will undergo a number of new experiences. There should always be an element of surprise, discovery and renewal as you move from one to the next. Why? Because different people perceive things in different ways. Therefore the wider the variety on offer, the greater the chance that a particular aspect will appeal to you directly, which in turn increases the possibility that you will develop your potential. 


Physical movement is crucially important during a journey. We're not talking about a survival course here; we're talking about harnessing the positive effects of keeping people on the go. The dynamic nature of a journey is intended to develop emotional, mental and spiritual vitality.


If you don't know what's supposed to happen, you can't be disappointed. Embrace the experience with an open mind, be receptive to new ideas and seemingly strange requests, and you will definitely reap the benefits.


Your body functions on a higher level when your entire system is energized and in harmony with itself. amaseu journeys are designed so that everyone can participate regardless of their physical state, yet there is a healthy active component in many of the tasks and exercises. 


The constantly-surprising nature of a journey is complemented by natural surroundings whose variety, beauty and purity have a beneficial effect. You should be truly inspired to develop yourself, because this is the only way that what you learn will have a lasting impact. You can't be beaten into submission through PowerPoint presentations and unimaginative assignments and then expected to enthuse about what you have just experienced.


If you want to be touched than you first have to open yourself up and be in the right state of mind. Leave behind the thoughts, habits and patterns that slow you down and hold you back. Get yourself to a place where you feel comfortable and where you are receptive to change. Our journeys help people surrender and give them the opportunity to be in spirit - to be inspired - so they can tap into their own inexhaustible source of inventiveness and creativity.


Whether you discuss and debate with others or with yourself, there's no doubt that dialogue - open, honest, frank and direct dialogue - helps improve you as a person and leader. Challenge each other on the content, while being supportive of the person. Receiving feedback is essential if you are serious about improving yourself. Make your own contribution and incorporate that of others to come to the best possible insight. Have the courage to share your ideas without holding back. Think in terms of essence and quality first; form and results will come later...


A vital facet of a journey is to pay full attention to the senses. Weave moments of silence and reflection into activities so you have the space and time to connect with yourself and fully appreciate how you feel and think. Becoming increasingly aware of the present goes hand-in-hand with being less distracted, which in turn helps you absorb new information and experiences.


It's not boot camp! When you’re in a relaxed and happier frame of mind, it's easier to learn. And you'll also be able to carry out your job in a more positive way. There's a big difference between having fun at your work and having fun in your work, but surely you should have the option of experiencing both..