Mergers & Acquisitions

“Leaders lead when they take positions, when they connect with their tribes, and when they help the tribe connect to itself.“
Seth Godin

From 'forced together' to 'team genius'

A heartfelt sense of connection

We've all seen it. That vibe of invincibility that emanates from a winning team of athletes. Or the mind-boggling results a group of people can achieve when they really put their heads and hearts together. 

How different things can be after an acquisition, with merged business units, between departments or teams.

Even though the reasons for intense cooperation may be clear and the advantages obvious, you still see people working as if they were on islands, separated from each other by a hostile and impenetrable ocean.

An amaseu journey is a proven method of tearing down departmental walls, bridging islands and creating a heartfelt sense of connection.

Openness, honesty and transparency

During a journey your people get the opportunity to prosper in a climate where they are appreciated for what they bring to the table.

The experiences, values and language they share form the basic elements on which you can build a culture of openness, honesty and transparency.

It's something we've experienced many times in teams that have been on a journey with us. Once back at work, their attitude is; 'we can’t lose'. That's because they have learned how to rely on each other. They've discovered the magic powers of team genius.