The Journey

What is a journey?

A journey is a process for achieving a profound transformation of your people in a short space of time. What they can learn and experience in less than a week - about your company’s goals and their own potential - will last a lifetime.

A journey leads to a deep shift in mentality, while allowing all the participants to discover their personal route to peak performance. Those who have taken a journey with us are equipped to deal with any challenge and rise to any occasion.

A journey with amaseu is not an incentive trip or a survival experience. But your people will be constantly on the move as they travel into the unknown, over and over again. Meditation, silence, perseverance and amazement are used to open minds to the goals of your company as well as to each person’s role in achieving them.

Going the distance

During the almost 20 years we have been carrying out journeys, we have discovered that the only road to lasting transformation is to literally go the distance. An important element in this is travelling to places that amaze, inspire and detach participants from everything except themselves.

It’s vital to remove people from the familiar; new thinking is nurtured in new environments. That’s where we can really focus on bringing out the authenticity in people, and help them become conscious of who they are and what they can do. There are so many remarkable moments: insightful dialogues in areas of outstanding beauty; silent, reflective walks along remote paths; group feedback sessions under the stars. We’ve discovered over the years that going to extraordinary places produces extraordinary results.

No hiding

When there are no distractions, no easy ways out and no hiding places, your people become fully committed to the process. Participants develop and discuss their personal leadership vision and receive constructive criticism from colleagues on issues they may be struggling with. They also learn to see those around them in a different context; as a whole person rather than just someone in a function.

Equipped for life

A typical journey lasts for approximately 5 days, although shorter and longer options are available. There are over 30 possible destinations, dotted around the globe. All journeys are structured in accordance with our holistic flow. The journey is always created in line with our design principles and in partnership with you, so that any specific requirements are addressed. What you end up with is a complete package, including everything from travel, accommodation and food to leadership guidance, coaching and all other content.

After a journey, people act with greater conviction, cooperation and confidence than ever before. People who have taken a journey with us are equipped to deal with any challenge and rise to any occasion. What they experience in less than a week will last them a lifetime. With a conscious mind and an open heart, they are ready to discover their peak performance. Time and time again.

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