Strategy Implementation

“There’s a difference between having a strategy and having people actually own it “
Floris de Kort

You can't just talk a strategy into results

Where is the change?

There it is; your new strategy. You, your team and a number of consultants have carried out the analysis, brainstormed, agreed on the direction, defined the objectives, brought everything together into a cohesive story and communicated it to the organization. It hasn't been cheap, but you believe it's been money well spent.

Unfortunately, little seems to be happening.

A different approach

Sure, the strategy taskforce is doing its best, but elsewhere engagement is low. Despite everyone having been told about the new direction, some complain the message is unclear, others more or less ignore it; there are even those who just wait to be told what to do. Apparently a different approach is required to embed the new strategy in your organization.

Becoming receptive to transformation

An amaseu journey supports the successful implementation of a new strategy in an amazingly effective way. For a start, we make sure your people are receptive to transformation. We do this in a number of ways: through keeping them constantly on the move;

through never telling them where they’re going next; through self-reflection, sharing, dialogue and silence.

Living the strategy

At the same time, we build a real and profound connection to the strategy and the corresponding behavior required. This combination of personal focus and professional content has a deep and lasting impact.

After a journey, you'll notice that your people don't just follow the strategy, they live it. And they inspire others to do the same.