Going the Distance

Pim Mol
Sr Vice President
“The power of silence connected us on a whole new level, as true humans, heart to heart.“
Pim Mol

Our decision to go on a journey was both liberating and confrontational. As a bank, people within and outside our organization are critical about every move we make. I realized that this pressure was pulling us apart. More than ever, my team needed to work together to improve its ability to connect with clients, other banks and with each other.

I spent many evenings preparing for the journey, thinking about my leadership, my role, our vision, my MT, the need to connect. I was uncertain of what to expect and exited about the possible outcome. Than we set off.

Throughout the journey, stories were told and created. Using the journey exercises and the power of silence we collected on a whole new level. From the heart, curious, without judgment, listening; truly human.

Our journey gave us a foundation of trust, connection and openness. Our people have been empowered to find and use their strength, together.

In the weeks after the journey there was measurable improvement in the way we work together; we could see this in our Employee Satisfaction Survey. People felt free to help each other, speak openly about issues, give feedback, receive feedback and use it for the common good. That’s what we need more of in these turbulent times. 

  • Going the Distance

    “If you want to grow a business, you have to grow people. There is no other way. You can’t grow a machine.“
    Tex Gunning
  • Going the Distance

    “There is a difference between having a strategy and having people actually own it.“
    Floris de Kort
  • Going the Distance

    “I'd even go as far as saying that if you want to build a great company, you should send your leaders on a journey.“
    Frank D'Hollander
  • Going the Distance

    “Culture eats strategy for breakfast“
    Selim Loukil